Mass spectrometry imaging applications for interactive analysis in MITK (M²aia)

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Build instructions

Installation dependencies

Docker (M²aia Online)

pyM2aia m2aia/pym2aia

Docker (MITK extension) m2aia/mitk-docker


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Author: j.cordes@hs-mannheim.de

M²aia Online

Get the docker image:

docker pull ghcr.io/m2aia/m2aia:latest

Run M²aia Online:

docker run --rm -v /local/data/path:/data -p 8888:80 ghcr.io/m2aia/m2aia:latest

with password:

docker run --rm -v /local/data/path:/data -e VNC_PASSWORD=<password> -p 8888:80 ghcr.io/m2aia/m2aia:latest

Start M²aia by accessing http://localhost:8888

The container will shut down if M²aia is closed (File->Exit). The results written to the mapped volume have root user ownership.